Terrific Throw Pillows for Under $40

Photo: Etsy.com, FestiveHomeDecor

I’m not embarrassed to admit that I’ve logged quite a few Etsy hours in my day. I am so inspired by the vintage items on the site and I am seriously in awe of some of the homemade craftsmanship I’ve come across, too. So I thought I’d start compiling some of my favorite finds to share with you – starting with one of my favorite things: Throw Pillows. So here are 7 five star pillow providers for you to peruse. Read more…

Bathroom Chandeliers: Yay or Nay?

Shaving, applying make-up, styling hair and brushing your teeth would be really hard to do in the dark, so it’s safe to say that bathroom lighting is fairly important.  But I’ve been thinking about one trend this week that’s a little more fun than functional: the bathroom chandelier.

 Photo: Iroonie.com

A chandelier is often seen as a symbol of luxury and elegance and can often be found in dining rooms. If you love to host dinner parties, you might agree that the clinking of glasses is perfectly complemented by the twinkling of crystal light. But what about installing one of those lavish beauties in the loo? Read more…

Go Fish: Salmon Kitchens and Bathrooms

Salmon tones are often featured in home accessories and accents, but that doesn’t mean the color can’t play a starring role in your kitchen or bathroom. This striking shade could be an interesting and unusual choice if you’re looking to mix things up.

Salmon Kitchen Laurie March Blog HGTV

Photo: Decoist.com

The kitchen above is brightened up by its bold tones. The stark white and lively salmon create a modern feel to the space, without seeming cold or stark. Now, if only you could absorb omega-3s visually… Read more…

Cool Closet Conversions

If space is tight and your life is big, you might find yourself craving an additional room – an office, a library or even a napping nook (you know how I love them). Sure you could move, but there might be an easier solution. Why not convert a closet to suit your specific needs?

Photo: GiesenDesign.com

This multifaceted mudroom has been carved out of an old coat closet. While it simply provided storage before, now it greets guests, keeps outerwear organized and gives you a spot to park your seat while you’re putting on shoes. If you’re looking for more of an entryway in your home, this might be a conversion to consider. Read more…

Gold Home Décor: Timeless or Tacky?

It’s temping to think of gold solely as a classic, old-fashioned accent color – meant for cathedrals and ballrooms. This bathroom proves, however, that there’s a place for gold in modern design as well. The shiny metallic tiles in this space warm up the look, but don’t compete with the contemporary tone. It might be a little too much bling for some people, but I bet there are many who’d love this sparkly spa.

Gold Wallpaper
Photo: Shamoa.com

This space is definitely benefitting from the formality of gold. The wallpaper in this room let’s all dinner guests know that this is a special occasion. Also the use of blues and oranges proves that gold can play well with others if introduced in the right way. Read more…

Hot Pink at Home: Gorgeous or Garish?

hot pink homes laurie march hgtv blog

 Photo: Gothamist.com

What do you think about pink? Hot pink, to be exact. Possibly one of the most polarizing colors out there, bright bold fuchsias are becoming more and more popular in all areas of design. So how does this hue hold up at home? Let’s take a look. Read more…

Winter Workstation Nooks

You’re strapped for space, and cooped up inside, it can be really helpful to carve out a designated area for your kid’s homework.

september school decor
Photo: HGTV.com

Just like adults who work from home, having a specific work area not only helps a person to focus on their work, but it helps them to relax and enjoy other activities in a different space when the work is done. If you’re lucky enough to have an entire homework room like the space above, that is fantastic. But there are a few other tricks you might try if you’re tight on space. Read more…

Pumpkin Orange Statement Pieces – Yay or Nay?


Photo: AvailableLightOnly.com

As we are enjoying fall now, I was hoping I could get your thoughts on another subject: pumpkin orange statement pieces. This is the time of year where you start seeing pumpkin stuff everywhere. Pumpkin lattes, pumpkin candles and sometimes, simply pumpkins begin to decorate our homes and bring a smile to our faces. The color pumpkin is such a cozy staple of autumn, I thought I’d explore it a little more and I’d love to hear what you think. Read more…

Patterned Bathroom Tile Floors – Busy or Beautiful?

patterned bathroom floor

Photo: MosaicHSE.com

There’s nothing that gets me worked up faster than carpet in the bathroom – it gives me the heebie jeebies. I do, however, love the look of a gorgeous patterned floor. So I’ve been exploring the wild world of bathroom floor tiles. Picking a patterned tile can be an intimidating decision, but when done correctly, can turn your loo into a real looker. The Moroccan tile above reminds me of a gorgeous, handmade rug – that never needs to be vacuumed. Read more…

Modular or Permanent Kitchen Islands?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I am kookoo for kitchen islands. You have all been so insightful in past remodeling debates, I figured I’d kick you a new one. Which do you prefer: permanent or modular kitchen islands? Let’s examine each option and then I’d love to hear which option you prefer.

Kitchen Islands HGTV Laurie March Blog

Photo: DecorPad.com

Permanent or ‘built-in’ kitchen islands are the perfect choice for many kitchen enthusiasts. They allow you to add sinks, stoves and electrical outlets directly into the island’s design. They can be instrumental in creating the perfect kitchen triangle plan that so many people prefer. Permanent islands, however, are in fact: permanent. If you’re someone that likes to rearrange your furniture every weekend, this might not be the best choice for you. Read more…

Kitchen Finishes – Glossy or Matte?

When it comes to kitchen finishes, you often hear the words “shiny” and “sleek,” but there’s an alternative to a glossy finish you might want to consider: matte.

kitchen countertop
Photo: FresHome.com

Certain materials, such as this striking slate countertop above, are available in a matte finish – which is also called “honed.” While they may not shimmer in the sunlight, matte finishes tend to contribute some character all their own.

Kitchen Countertops
Photo: UwUmCa.com

Read more…

Voice Your Choice: Painted Ceilings

It’s time for you to punch in, folks! I’d love to hear your thoughts on a design element a client of mine has been contemplating for a while: the painted ceiling.

Painted Ceiling

 Photo: SimplyIrresistibleDesigns.Blogspot.com

Painting your ceiling can be a very dramatic way to change a room’s tone and feel. The deep purple ceiling above provides an unexpected pop of color in an unexpected place. It is labor intensive, however, so it’s not something to be done on a whim. Check out some ceilings and let let me know what you think. Read more…

Are you a Patio Person or a Deck Dweller?

Do you have a big backyard that you’ve been itching to use more? If this is the year you’ve decided to sink some money into your outdoor space, you might be wondering:

Am I a patio person or a deck dweller?

patio or deck

Patio photo courtesy of Joanne Kostecky; deck photo courtesy of Trex

Weighty Matters: If you’re planning on adding a big hot tub, stone fireplace, cast-iron dining set and 12 chaise lounges, a patio might make more sense for you. While decks can be built to support almost anything these days, it becomes a lot more expensive to meet the safety requirements needed for heavy furniture and big crowds. If you decide to go with a deck, consider safety first: Always use a licensed contractor and stay up to date on maintenance.

patio design ideas

Location: When planning a party platform, it’s important to consider your view and the view of your neighbors. Will your neighbors get more of an eyeful if you’re up on a deck or down on a patio? Which option gives you better proximity to the house and kitchen? Also, do you plan to worship the sun or chill in the shade? Just like in real estate, when it comes to developing your outdoor space, location is everything.

Read more at HGTV here.

Bath Tub vs. Shower Stall

I’m going to broach a polarizing topic:

Would you rather have a shower or tub?

While the question might seem harmless enough, this discussion can get pretty heated. Sure, having a tub somewhere in the house makes sense in terms of resale value and your home’s versatility, but in terms of your own personal bathroom haven, would you rather have a super soaker or a terrific tub?

gray spa-like bathroom

Photo courtesy of CEDIA

Beautiful Bathtubs + Showy Showers

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