Pumpkin Orange Statement Pieces – Yay or Nay?


Photo: AvailableLightOnly.com

As we are enjoying fall now, I was hoping I could get your thoughts on another subject: pumpkin orange statement pieces. This is the time of year where you start seeing pumpkin stuff everywhere. Pumpkin lattes, pumpkin candles and sometimes, simply pumpkins begin to decorate our homes and bring a smile to our faces. The color pumpkin is such a cozy staple of autumn, I thought I’d explore it a little more and I’d love to hear what you think. Read more…

Patterned Bathroom Tile Floors – Busy or Beautiful?

patterned bathroom floor

Photo: MosaicHSE.com

There’s nothing that gets me worked up faster than carpet in the bathroom – it gives me the heebie jeebies. I do, however, love the look of a gorgeous patterned floor. So I’ve been exploring the wild world of bathroom floor tiles. Picking a patterned tile can be an intimidating decision, but when done correctly, can turn your loo into a real looker. The Moroccan tile above reminds me of a gorgeous, handmade rug – that never needs to be vacuumed. Read more…

Modular or Permanent Kitchen Islands?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I am kookoo for kitchen islands. You have all been so insightful in past remodeling debates, I figured I’d kick you a new one. Which do you prefer: permanent or modular kitchen islands? Let’s examine each option and then I’d love to hear which option you prefer.

Kitchen Islands HGTV Laurie March Blog

Photo: DecorPad.com

Permanent or ‘built-in’ kitchen islands are the perfect choice for many kitchen enthusiasts. They allow you to add sinks, stoves and electrical outlets directly into the island’s design. They can be instrumental in creating the perfect kitchen triangle plan that so many people prefer. Permanent islands, however, are in fact: permanent. If you’re someone that likes to rearrange your furniture every weekend, this might not be the best choice for you. Read more…

Kitchen Finishes – Glossy or Matte?

When it comes to kitchen finishes, you often hear the words “shiny” and “sleek,” but there’s an alternative to a glossy finish you might want to consider: matte.

kitchen countertop
Photo: FresHome.com

Certain materials, such as this striking slate countertop above, are available in a matte finish – which is also called “honed.” While they may not shimmer in the sunlight, matte finishes tend to contribute some character all their own.

Kitchen Countertops
Photo: UwUmCa.com

Read more…

Voice Your Choice: Painted Ceilings

It’s time for you to punch in, folks! I’d love to hear your thoughts on a design element a client of mine has been contemplating for a while: the painted ceiling.

Painted Ceiling

 Photo: SimplyIrresistibleDesigns.Blogspot.com

Painting your ceiling can be a very dramatic way to change a room’s tone and feel. The deep purple ceiling above provides an unexpected pop of color in an unexpected place. It is labor intensive, however, so it’s not something to be done on a whim. Check out some ceilings and let let me know what you think. Read more…

Are you a Patio Person or a Deck Dweller?

Do you have a big backyard that you’ve been itching to use more? If this is the year you’ve decided to sink some money into your outdoor space, you might be wondering:

Am I a patio person or a deck dweller?

patio or deck

Patio photo courtesy of Joanne Kostecky; deck photo courtesy of Trex

Weighty Matters: If you’re planning on adding a big hot tub, stone fireplace, cast-iron dining set and 12 chaise lounges, a patio might make more sense for you. While decks can be built to support almost anything these days, it becomes a lot more expensive to meet the safety requirements needed for heavy furniture and big crowds. If you decide to go with a deck, consider safety first: Always use a licensed contractor and stay up to date on maintenance.

patio design ideas

Location: When planning a party platform, it’s important to consider your view and the view of your neighbors. Will your neighbors get more of an eyeful if you’re up on a deck or down on a patio? Which option gives you better proximity to the house and kitchen? Also, do you plan to worship the sun or chill in the shade? Just like in real estate, when it comes to developing your outdoor space, location is everything.

Read more at HGTV here.

Bath Tub vs. Shower Stall

I’m going to broach a polarizing topic:

Would you rather have a shower or tub?

While the question might seem harmless enough, this discussion can get pretty heated. Sure, having a tub somewhere in the house makes sense in terms of resale value and your home’s versatility, but in terms of your own personal bathroom haven, would you rather have a super soaker or a terrific tub?

gray spa-like bathroom

Photo courtesy of CEDIA

Beautiful Bathtubs + Showy Showers

5 Funky Faucets for the Kitchen and Bathroom

Okay, weird confession time. One of the many reasons I love trying new restaurants is so that I can explore new bathrooms and look at new faucets. Restaurants tend to take bigger risks with their décor than most of us do in our homes. But why not put that style in a doggie bag? Check out these unique and quirky faucets guaranteed to get your dinner guest talking and your kids to wash their hands.

If you’ve got a retro kitchen, here’s a super-cool replica inspired by a top of the line 1948 Dishmaster, complete with an aerator brush wand. It dispenses delightfully soapy sudsy water and rinses clean, too!

Photo: RetroRenovations, Very Vintage Vegas

More Quirky Faucet Designs

Cool Colors for Kiddos

When it comes to choosing colors for kids’ rooms, pink and blue are always going to be popular, but what if you’re looking for something a little more versatile?

There are many vivid, welcoming and modern color schemes you can consider if you’re going to wait to find out your baby’s gender, if your very different kids will be sharing one room or if you know you’re likely to move family members to different rooms within the next few years and don’t want to be stuck repainting so soon.

Take a look at these contemporary twists on nursery decor.

Insanely Serene

Kids Room decor Laurie March HGTV House Counselor

Design by Nancy Twomey of Finnian’s Moon Interiors; photography by by Angie Seckinger

I can’t think of a room that stands to benefit from some cozy, calm colors more than a nursery. Sure, it’s a little outside the box, but why not use the same soothing neutrals you’d see in the spa in the design of your little one’s retreat? These tones are as cool as they are comforting.

See More Kiddo Inspiration

Great Green Backsplashes

We hear a lot of talk about going green these days, but it can be a tricky color to use in the design of your home.

While green is one of the most popular colors in home design, it is not traditionally thought of as a “kitchen color.” Used correctly and sparingly as a backsplash, however, green creates a feeling of balance and harmony you can really sink your teeth into…

Environmentally Entertaining

Green Backsplash Laurie March

Photo (c) HGTV, Kim Ammie

When paired with natural toned wood, subtle greens bring in outdoors in and provide serenity in the space. This backsplash is cool and fresh with a hint of garden glamour. This square tile has a simple, reflective quality that lends a timeless appeal, especially when paired with a more traditional cabinetry color.

More Kitchen Design Ideas

Pool Yourself Together

Ready to take a dip? It won’t be long until it’s that time of year again, when everybody’s thinking about hanging by a pool.

Find your swimming hole’s style, whether you’re building your dream swimming station in reality or just imagining it in your mind. There are many kinds and features that can customize a swimming pool to cater to your personal tastes.

Keep it Natural

Cool Pool Style Laurie March

Design by Claudia Schmutzler

See More Pool Design

Not Your Grandma’s Wall Paneling

Photo (c) Stikwood

One of the best things about my line of work is finding out about all kinds of innovative, clever and easy to use new products. I love finding small businesses that solve big problems with great ideas. When I was first introduced to Stikwood, I was pretty sure I’d found another winner.


This ingenious product is made from real wood, available in many colors and can be used to beautify all kinds of places in your home or office. It can make industrial spaces look rustic, dated spaces look modern and it can make any space more interesting. I mean, look at these finished projects.

More Wood Paneling Design

The Cold War: Temperature Control

In my line of work, I get to peek inside many different households. I get to know amazing people who live together, love each other and support one another tirelessly. I’m privileged enough to get to help these families work in sync to improve their homes and their daily lives. And then I sit back and watch as these beautiful, caring beings settle into their new spaces and ruthlessly battle each other over the thermostat for all the rest of their days.

Thermostat Wars, Blurpy.com, The Year Without A Santa Claus
Thermostat Wars! Photo courtesy Blurpy.com from “The Year Without A Santa Claus”

The struggle between people who feel too hot and people who feel too cold can get ugly pretty quickly. A shivering woman ninja crawls down the hallway, noiselessly turning up the heat a few degrees. In response, her husband opens all of the upstairs windows in the middle of February. Over the sound of winds whirling and snow blowing, he hears someone defiantly lighting the woodstove and war wages on.

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Outdoor Room-inations

Every year around this time, I start thinking Spring and on warmer days I spend as much time outside as possible. I take the dog for longer walks, I work in the garden regularly, and I even take baby steps to the mailbox when I’m feeling desperate. So I’ve decided to drag even more of my indoor life outside. I’ve come to realize there is almost no task or activity that can’t be done (weather permitting) in the great outdoors.

Here are some simple tips to getting the most bang for your upcoming summer months.

Linda Woodrum Design HGTV

Linda Woodrum Design (c)HGTV

Make Room

First thing’s furniture. Outdoor furniture has come a long way from picnic tables and folding chairs. There are now stylish and substantial couch, armchair and ottoman options meant for open-air living. And because you can’t depend on walls to define your new outdoor living space, there are also many amazing, eco-friendly outdoor rugs available. If you’re a fireplace fan, consider adding a fire pit to your new quarters. Lastly, think about lighting. These days there are floor lamps, chandeliers and even candelabras to light up your new outdoor living room.

Read more…

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