Pantone Color of the Year 2015: Marsala

The Pantone Color of the Year for 2015 is the vineyard dwelling marsala – and I can’t wait to hear what you think of this winning, winey hue.

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As the handmade pillow above displays, this hearty tone pairs well with neutrals and whites. According to Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, “Marsala enriches our mind, body and soul, exuding confidence and stability. Marsala is a subtly seductive shade, one that draws us in to its embracing warmth.”   Read more…

Get Lit! – Outdoor String Lighting Tips

String lights Laurie March Blog
Photo: DIY Network

I’m making it my mission to enjoy every bit of the outdoors I can… One way to do that? Light up the night!

String lights Laurie March blog

Read more…

Twitter Celebration Giveaway

Laurie March

I joined Twitter in 2008 – looking for like-minded people; people who love remodeling, poking around in old houses, growing stuff and trying to live a better life at home. Over time, this conversation has grown to be so much more than I had ever dreamed it would be and I am awed to report that this week I have hit the 50,000 follower mark. That’s just incredible!

I feel so privileged to be able to work with you, my clients and friends, on all sorts of ways to improve our homes. In honor of all the new friends on Twitter that joined the discussion in 2014, I’m going to celebrate with a little giveaway! Read more…

Pet Docking Stations: Tidy Fido Tips

As I’ve mentioned before, my best friend is a shelter dog named Newton. He is the heart of our home and we love him very much. That being said – the boy has got toys.

Laurie March Blog Dogs

His chew things, bones, bully sticks and balls used to run rampant in my house. So I got serious about creating a space to keep all of his fun stuff. Check out my video here to see if any of these pet organizational tips might work for you. Read more…

Bistro Chairs are Back

I love to travel. I love trying new food, seeing new places and learning about all kinds of design elements from around the globe.  One of my more recent international obsessions: The bistro chair.

Photo: HouseNumbers123

The original, Bistro Chair No. 14, looked much like the chairs pictured above. They were invented in 1859 by a German-Austrian cabinetmaker, Michael Thonet. Chair No. 14 was sleek, simple and an instant classic. By 1930, over 50 million had sold. These beauties became very popular in homes, schools and, of course, in restaurants and French cafes. Read more…

DIY Dip Dye Holiday Cards

The holidays are here! But there’s no need to panic. There is still time to set yourself up for success this season. A great way to do that? DIY holiday and New Year’s cards.

I’ve been creating my own homemade invitations for weddings, parties and birthdays using one of my favorite techniques – the dip dye. So this year I thought, why not make my holiday cards, this way too? Above, you’ll see one of my mini masterpieces. To find out how to create your own dip dye stationary, check out my video hereIn this case I was making wedding invitations, but simply switch up your words and your stamp themes and you’re ready to go. Read more…

4 Ways Above Ground Pools Can Look Cool

Summer officially arrives this week, which means it’s time to grab a suit, towel and some sun! This is the time of year that those lucky folks with pools start to entertain a few more guests every weekend. Do you have a pool or are you considering one?

Above Ground Pool Laurie March Blog

Although a lot can be said about the great in-ground versus above ground debate, if you’re looking for something more affordable and less permanent, above ground might be the way to go. Here are some ways you might make your pool rise above and beyond everyone’s expectations.

Get Decked Out

 Above Ground Pools Laurie March Blog

Building a gorgeous looking deck around your above ground pool not only gives you more places to work on your tan, it also makes your pool look like it belongs where it is. Gorgeous wooden decks can cover the plastic vinyl sides of the structure, transforming the bright white or blue eyesore into a serene retreat. Read more…

Pastels: Yay or Passé?

Pasels for decorating home Laurie March Blog


In all things design-related, trends come and go. Last year we saw a huge rush of neon and neutral pairings in fashion and home décor. This year, another classic 80’s staple is plotting its return: pastel. Read more…

For Your Door: Killer Kick Plates

How’s your door doing these days? Your front door is the first piece of your home to greet your guests and loved ones, so it might be a good idea to spruce it up a bit. There are many ways to do so, including adding new hardware, paint and house numbers – but I’ve been checking out one of my favorite door additions: the kick plate.

Kick Plates for Doors Laurie March Blog HGTV

A kick plate covers the lower portion of a door, the part that experiences the most wear and tear. These protective sheets of metal ward off and/or mask foot scuffs, pet scratches and water damage. Usually matched to a door’s hardware, these beauties are available in a variety of finishes, often completing a classy and classic look. Read more…

Saturation Station: A Look at Lavender

As an avid gardener, I’ve spent a lot of time outdoors lately. While working on my cucumbers, chilies and tomatoes, I’ve fallen in love with the colors found in another early summer staple: lavender. So here’s a look back at one of my most colorful blogs.

Lauroe March Blog Lavender


The card catalog above has been beautifully ombred (can that be a verb?) by my friend, Charlotte. I can’t stop staring at all of the lovely shades next to one another. Though lavender is a soft, subtle color, it can pack a lot of punch stylistically. Here’s how this hue might complement some of your spaces. Read more…

4 Fab Features for Outdoor Kitchens

If you spend a lot of time eating and entertaining outside, an outdoor kitchen might be right up your alley.


While a simple barbecue works fine for some, adding counter space, appliances, cook tops and dining areas can transform your family’s lifestyle completely. If you’re thinking of making an investment in eating alfresco, here are a few things you might want to consider. Read more…

So Jaded: A Glance at Jade Green

When it comes to playing favorites, green is the second most popular color in the world (after blue). But word green can be used to describe so many different tones: sage, mint, moss, kelly, emerald and one of my favorites: Jade.


While I love the insanely current color, teal, I’ve been missing some other greens lately. I, for one, am ready for jade to make a comeback. In the room above, the wall has such a stunning depth and a richness to it, all thanks to this beautiful hue. Here are some other examples of jade doing its job very well. Read more…

Colorful Crown Molding – Yay or Nay?

Crown molding can be a polarizing personal preference. Some people love the character it adds, while others long for clean lines and clear corners. For those that do have homes with molding, however, I’ve got another debate for you: Do you like colorful crown molding or prefer traditional white?

laurie march blog colorful crown moulding

 Photo: Read more…

Terrific Throw Pillows for Under $40

Photo:, FestiveHomeDecor

I’m not embarrassed to admit that I’ve logged quite a few Etsy hours in my day. I am so inspired by the vintage items on the site and I am seriously in awe of some of the homemade craftsmanship I’ve come across, too. So I thought I’d start compiling some of my favorite finds to share with you – starting with one of my favorite things: Throw Pillows. So here are 7 five star pillow providers for you to peruse. Read more…

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