5 Tips For Extreme Weather

Whether you live in Los Angeles or New York, the weather seems to be the number one topic of conversation lately. From El Nino to droughts to tornados to blizzards, wherever you are, there is weather. But, I don’t want to just talk about crazy climates today – I want to help you prepare for them. Here are five simple preparation tips you can use when the weather is putting on a show.


You would be amazed how many people take water for granted – but when the power shuts off, sometimes in extreme situations, the water supply can be interrupted as well. This is your first and easiest step: keep water on hand. Get more than you think you need because, the beauty of water is that it never goes bad. If you have a storage spot in your home or apartment, make sure there is enough water for everyone in your home to drink for three days. You will not be sorry for this one and, if things go awry and you need an emergency run to the grocery store, I promise this will be the first aisle to get trounced. That’s because you may need water for more than just drinking. You may need it to flush the toilet, wash dishes or even to cook with – so be smart, be prepared and stock up!


You don’t need to go gourmet with this one – just keep enough food on your hand to ensure that your family won’t be hangry yelling at each other on day 1. Again a 3 day supply is standard. So, you’re looking for items you can snack on, such as: peanut butter, crackers, trail mix, protein bars, and beef jerky. You’re also looking to store items you can eat as a meal without any effort, such as canned tuna or canned soup. You can store other items that would require cooking, such as rice and pasta, and if you have access to boiling water then great and if not – at least you still have your canned goods!

First Aid

A first aid kit is such an easy item to make or buy and, yet, so many people never have one. This is also just a good idea to keep handy, both in your home and car, even when the sun is shining. You don’t need bad weather to have an emergency. So, I recommend investing in something that will contain the basics: band-aids, rubbing alcohol or something to clean wounds, gauze and tape, and some aspirin. If you take prescription medications, it might be a good idea to ask your Dr. if they can fill an extra set of medications for your kit.


Okay, this is one I constantly see overlooked, but remember: no electricity means no Netflix for days. Imagine the horror! Setting aside a few board games, books, and a deck of cards, can stop you and your loved ones from going stir crazy.

Loss Of Power

With extreme weather, you’re bound to lose some of the power in your home. This means, no light, no heat, nada. So, I highly recommend you store some extra batteries (very useful if you need to use a flashlight or radio), some candles with matches, or battery operated candles, solar chargers and blankets. Remember, if it’s freezing cold outside and the heat goes out, it’s going to get freezing cold inside. So, it’s nice to store some comfy blankets as well.

Let’s face it: extreme weather can hit at any time and there’s no such thing as being too prepared. Any other additions you’ve been glad to have when things get stormy?

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