5 Ways to Keep Your Car Clean

I have to say I’m a pretty neat person. Sure, I’ve have to tame my clutter every once and a while, but on the average: I’m organized. For some reason, however, when I get into my car –  all of that cleanliness seems to fly out the window.  I’m always traveling with coffee, tossing receipts into the passenger side seat and I’ve been known to leave cups in the cup holder…indefinitely. So among my resolutions for 2016, I’ve decided embark on a mission to keep my car clean. Check out the top 5 tips I’ve discovered so far:

  1. Hunger Strike

6a00d8341c630a53ef0120a5656d16970b This might be too unrealistic and/or idealistic for some, but creating a “no eating” policy within your car will free you from at least 60% of the typical auto mess. No spills, no wrappers, no moldy Tupperware containers to be found. If your lifestyle might support this policy – it’s the #1 way you can keep that car clean.

  1. Car Vacuum

61PjL7pcsmL._SL1024_Let’s say there’s no way you’re not going to eat in your car – this affordable vacuum could be your saving grace. After it charges from your cigarette lighter, this compact machine can handle any cereal spill, crumb explosion or sand infestation.

  1. Make Scents

 31N4IeRwpfLThere’s nothing worse than someone asking you for a ride when your car has a funky smell going on. Whether it’s food, people or the environment, sometimes outside forces can make your car a little stinky. There’s an easy DIY fix, however. Grab an inexpensive cheese shaker, add ½ C. Baking soda and 5 drops of Essential Oil (I, personally, love orange, peppermint or tea tree) and voila! Leave it in a secure corner of your car and it will be smelling fresh to death for 4-6 weeks (at which point you just need to refresh your supplies).

  1. 3 Essentials: Car Trash Can, Wet Wipes & Paper Towels



When facing any challenge in life, it’s best to set yourself up for success – which means being realistic about what’s going to happen in the near future. Whether you eat in the car or not, something is going to spill. Someone is going to leave a business card on your dashboard and some mystery stickiness is going to surface. Keeping a supply of paper towels, wet wipes and a handy mini-trash can in your car will ensure that you’re ready for anything.


  1. Vodka Windshield Wiper recipe


Anyone else always forget to buy windshield wiper fluid until you’ve completely run out? Well, there’s a clear solution to this problem. You can mix up your own homemade cleaner using everyday items you probably have hanging around. I recommend saving an old laundry detergent jug to house your potion. Inside combine: 3 C. Vodka, 4 C. Water and 2 tsp. dishwashing detergent. Shake vigorously and there you go – a clean dashboard for weeks to come.

I hope one or two of these discoveries helps you to keep an immaculate automobile. If you have any clean car tips (or messy car stories) to share, please comment below!


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