Dependability: A Rare Commodity in the Kitchen


I don’t always have time to cook dinner at home.  For me it’s become one of life’s simple pleasures, though – a way to unwind and relax after a long day.  I often cook valiantly forward, and make an incredible mess as I go, because somehow, that’s part of the charm for me – making an honest mess.

 Let’s just say when I get to the cleanup phase, I’m usually in a hurry to sit down and enjoy the results of my work.  A little hand washing, pushing all the food scraps down the drain into the disposer, and a flip of a switch to deal with the mess. 

But this time – Nothing.  Ugh… 

We come to depend on our kitchen appliances with a fierce trust, the fact that they work for us on-demand every day becomes an assumption ingrained in our daily lives.  While some think a disposer is a luxury item, like me, many people consider the garbage disposer to be an essential working member of a modern kitchen.  I’ve been spoiled by years of steady productivity by my disposer, but even the most hard-working unit has a life expectancy, and can be affected by wear and tear or unusual stress. 

 While there are a few things you can do yourself to determine if your disposer can be reset or maintained, one of my favorite things about an InSinkErator disposer unit is the In-Home Warranty that comes with it.

 Let’s face it.  Most people don’t have a lot of working knowledge about electrical and plumbing systems in their home.  And while I’m a huge proponent of homeowners getting to know their home better and learning how to fix things, I’ve often suggested a novice DIY’er should stay away from two areas in their pursuit of knowledge: plumbing and electrical.  And both are involved when you’re dealing with the disposer under the sink.

Many of us are simply too busy to take the time to properly get educated on these systems in our home before attempting to service them, and they are two of the most complicated ones out there.  Knowing that when you purchase (or inherit!) an InSinkErator disposer, you’re getting access to an expert who comes to you when you’re having issues is a major relief in today’s busy times. 

 While they may not make it out in time for dessert, getting a hand fixing or replacing a broken disposer in your own home, by an InSinkErator professional certainly feels like the icing on the cake!


Although this post is sponsored by the folks at InSinkErator, all the opinions (and mess made in the sink) are my own. 

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