Gardeners: 10 Ways to Beat The Winter Blues

One of my favorite things to do during the spring and summer months is to be outside working in my garden. I absolutely love it. The sun shining bright, dirt on my pants and Newton by my side. It is truly my happy place. I’m lucky enough to live in LA, where it’s warm most of the year, but I know that the winter can be tough for green thumbs who live in colder climates. All that time spent cooped up inside really gets some people down. So here are ten easy ways to help the gardener in you beat the winter blues.

10. Buy Fresh Flowers

A trip to your local grocery store or floral shop can help spruce up your home with some fresh cut flowers. This way, it may be cold and bleak outside, but inside will be colorful and full of life.

9. Start Sowing Seeds

Take the seeds you’ve purchased and sow them into milk jugs, plastic soda bottles or mason jars. Create a mini-greenhouse, which you can then place outside to wait for the end of the winter. Then, once spring hits, you’re all set to start planting.

8. Buy A Houseplant

This is an easy compromise to beating your winter gardening blues. It’s simple and easy to do and gives you a taste of what you’re missing. If you choose carefully, you might be able to plant it outside in the spring.

7. Plan Your Spring Garden

I like to get out my garden notebook and really plan out how my garden is going to look. I’ll break it down by flower and plant and will draw the necessary diagrams to go with it. This way, once spring hits, I’m wasting no time getting started.

6. Start Shopping For Seeds

This is one of my favorite things to do and goes along with Planning Your Spring Garden. I’ll lay out how I want the seeds to be fitting with the diagrams I have drawn. Again, all about making my job as easy as possible as soon as spring hits.

5. Visit a Local Gardening Center

Like a kid in a candy store. I love visiting my local gardening centers. It’s a great opportunity for me to see what’s new and popular and to be around tons of tool and plants. I never go home empty handed!

4. Buy Some Gardening Magazines

Sometimes just taking a trip to your local bookstore to browse gardening magazines can really help change your mood. I’m a visual person, so being surrounded by lots of images of beautiful gardens is a major plus.

3. Clean & Repair Your Gardening Tools

I’m all about preparing for day one and one of the best tips I was given years ago is to spend this down time, cleaning and repairing tools. Also, if you’re looking at buying new tools, now is the perfect time. Like buying a Christmas gift in February.

2. Visit A Nearby Garden Expo

Always a fun time! You’ll see the new trends and I always get a good taste of which plants I’ll want to have growing in my garden in the spring. Search online to see when one is coming to your city.

1. Grown An Indoor Winter Garden

Easiest way to do this is to utilize your window space and plant a mini garden there! I make sure to have some variety with the plants I choose and always go for plants that don’t need an enormous amount of light to grow.

Hope these easy tips help chase away those pesky winter blues! And if not, just remember, spring is right around the corner!

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