Getting Some Dog Love When You Can’t Own a Dog

As many of you know, I have a dog. His name is Newton, he is my child and I would run through a field on fire for him. I am very lucky to have this little guy in my life and highly recommend getting a dog to anyone who is able to do so. But for some of you, a dog isn’t practical or even possible. Whether it’s because your living situation, your schedule or your budget – there are many reasons why, even though you love the idea of having one, you simply can’t get a dog right now. So, this blog is for you. Here are the many ways in which you can give and get love from these furry wonderbeings without actually owning one.

Volunteer At A Shelter

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Shelters need extra help, which is usually done on a volunteer and free basis. Most shelters will ask you to complete an application form, which they will they review before allowing you to help out. This is more for the pups’ safety than your own. Once you get accepted, you’ll be asked to pick out a scheduled day and time that works best for you to come in. Once there, you can take the pups for walks, feed them, bathe them, the list goes on and on of what you can do to help!

Side note slash warning: this is not an easy job! You’re going to be around dogs that are waiting to be adopted. They spend a lot of time in caged-in areas and with other dogs. I am giving you fair warning that you will want to take all the dogs home. So, this is the easiest way to be around dogs when you don’t have one, but this is also the hardest!

Dog Vacay

Dog Vacay

This is an actual website where you can create your own profile as a dog lover. Dog owners then choose the right person to watch their pup. They drop their dog with you when they go on vacation and you’ll not only get some puppy time, but you’ll also get paid! Win-win!

Keeping this theme in mind, you should also post a message on social media for friends to keep you in mind for when they are traveling. Most owners would rather leave their pet in the care of a friend than a pet hotel. Plus, this way you’re taking care of a pet you may get to see on a more frequent basis!


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A lot of shelters aren’t just looking for help at the shelters as much as they are looking for someone to take dogs home for a few days. This way they’ll keep looking for the right owner for the pup, while the pup gets to spend a few days in the comfort of your home. If you’re interested, there’s some great info here.

Fair warning: you have to get in the right mind-set when becoming a foster. You should give your foster dog all the love and attention it deserves, but make sure you don’t fall too in love with the pup, otherwise you’re going to have a hard time letting go once the shelter finds a more permanent home. Keep in mind that what you’re doing is an amazing thing that will help many other dogs down the road.
Borrow My Doggy


From this website, you can create a profile and then request owners who will then let you borrow their dogs. You can borrow them for an hour, a day, a weekend, whatever you work out with the owner. Feel like taking a dog for a hike or just to cuddle? Timeshare a dog from this site.

Some of these options are easier than others. Some are less time-consuming and some work better for specific lifestyles. But the point is: if you love animals, they’re ready for it and there are so many who are waiting to love you back. Newton is my best friend and a major member of my family. I can’t imagine my life without him. My hope is that you can find your own pup to be around in whatever way makes sense for you! Let me know how it goes!


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