Office Update: New DIY Oversized Corkboard Project

I’ll admit. I’m 100% addicted to surfing the web when I’m looking for a quick hit of inspiration, popping open Pinterest for a fast-scrolling drool fest. I love poking around to see what’s out there. But I’ve always found myself holding on to actual pieces of inspiration in real life – tactile, physical, real things.


Although it’s convenient, there is something stressful about letting all the things that are important to you be collected on the web – in a cloud – and out of your control. Most days I can forget that I don’t own Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram – or anywhere else I post things. But I still can’t give up my strong habit of keeping bits of life, to ground me, and to remind me of tiny moments of inspiration that speak to me.

tiny moments of inspiration


A corkboard is nothing new. They’re standard issue for anyone creating a new vision, starting a business or going off to college – and all for good reason. Sometimes the things that strike you as you move through life cannot be corralled into digital spaces. They can’t be scanned – or you lose the ability to hold them, smell them, and dream away with your fingertips.


my favorite walk in paris and other travel goals


Last year I wanted a more substantial corkboard for my workspace, and after hitting the web to shop – I felt like nothing had the substance and style I was hunting. So I set out to make one – using stick-on cork floor tiles and making a simple frame. At five feet tall and four feet wide, the space I wanted to fill was pretty specific, so I just built my own…


two toned peel and stick cork floor matches unfinished red oak 1x3' boards


I love how the unfinished trim wood looks with my office Saltillo tile floors! That salmon color always makes me think of California, and makes me smile. For me, most of the things I seem to collect fall into these categories – travel, home improvement, cooking, and gardening. I used some velvety ribbon I had to divide the sections and pinned away!


my super secret bloody mary mix


We put together a video on how to make this corkboard if you’re inspired to do something similar at your place!


Tell me, do you keep little bits of inspiration? Concert tickets, ribbons, postcards? What’s your favorite little thing that reminds you of something special?


All Photos – Zeke Ruelas

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