Trending: 3D Tile

Phew! I’ve just gotten back from both KBIS and Las Vegas Market and my brain is chock full of inspiration. I can’t wait to share all of the amazing new products, trends and designs I saw there – so I’ll start right now with one of the latest movements in tile: 3-D. Texture is a… Continue reading

Protect Your Wheels This Winter

There are some big storms brewing right now and, depending on where you live, your car might be facing snow, rain, wind, blown tree branches, road salt – the list goes on and on. Let’s face it: this could get ugly. But just because the elements are knocking your car around a bit, doesn’t mean you can’t… Continue reading

7 Times You DON’T Want to DIY

I like an LOL and an OMG, but I don’t thing there are three letters I love more than DIY. There’s also nothing I love more than coaching clients as they discover the rewards that come with doing things on their own. But there are a few jobs that you don’t want to tackle without… Continue reading

3 Ways to Use Those Unwanted Gift Cards

I hope you all had some very happy holidays. If your family and friends are like mine, many of you have received amazing gifts you will cherish and can use every day of your lives. I got A LOT of coffee related stuff – and I’m not complaining… Some of you, however, will receive gifts… Continue reading

Trade Your Clutter for Cash

It’s a new year, you’re a new you and yet, you’re still surrounded by the same…stuff. If you’d like to declutter a bit in 2016, I’m here to help. I know the weather isn’t ideal for a yard sale at the moment, but don’t worry – you’ve got options. Here are a few user-friendly ways… Continue reading

2016 Pantone History: Balance and Blends

One of my favorite things about the start of a new year is ushering in the latest Pantone Color. Love it or hate it, the color chosen annually can inspire so many interesting conversations about the current state of design, fashion and even our collective consciousness. This year, the Pantone people managed to blow my… Continue reading

DIY NYE: A New Year’s Guide to Hosting at Home

It happens every year. I make my New Year’s plans, I plan my New Year’s outfit – I’m excited. But, faster than the ball can drop…I’m disappointed. Drink lines are long, friends have scattered, and my heels are killing me. Then I take a really expensive cab home. The truth is: I have always expected too… Continue reading