Subway Tile Style

Some people love uptown, some people love downtown – but even more people love subway tile. This classic look – inspired by New York city’s actual subways – has become one of the most sought after kitchen and bath trends of all time. But if you’re feeling torn between your fear of conformity and your love of  this timeless look – don’t worry. I got you.

The trick to redefining traditional trends is to turn them on their ear. Or in this case, on their side. Hanging subway tile vertically changes a look completely, and yet, still has a very fundamental feel. It can also help to make a shorter ceiling look taller.

This backwards 7 or upside down L configuration brings a very creative note to this traditional trend. The tile placement creates movement and keeps an eye moving about the space.

There are few things as elegant as a herringbone backsplash. This very conventional pattern takes contemporary subway tile on a trip back in time. The look creates visual interest, without pulling focus.

Big, oversized subway tile creates a big, oversized effect. This type of backsplash can create either a medieval or Mediterranean feel – depending on the other design elements in the room.

So which way would you arrange your ideal subway tile?

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